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Lágrimas para Fidel, balas para Ajitha. Un artículo de la compañera Rosario.

Lágrimas para Fidel, balas para Ajitha.
Un artículo de la compañera Rosario.
El pasado jueves en el Estado de Kerala se produjo un “falso encuentro” donde fueron asesinados la camarada Ajitha, una gran activista por los derechos de las mujeres y abogada y el camarada Kappu Devaraj miembro del Comité Central de PCI (Maoísta).
El Gobierno de Kerala está en manos del Frente Democrático de Izquierdas, donde está integrado el PCI (Marxista), estos revisionistas y oportunistas, que ahora lloran a Fidel Castro y ensalzan su figura de revolucionario, asesinaron a sangre fría a estos dos verdaderos revolucionarios!  Pero no es la primera vez que estos “marxistas” bajo el manto del “Frente de Izquierdas” asesinan a revolucionarios, uno de los más recordados fue en Febrero de 1970 donde el Gobierno de Kerala bajo el mando del “Frente de Izquierdas” asesinó al llamado Che Guevara de Kerala Varghese. La triste paradoja de las lagrimas por el Che asesinado en Bolivia y años más tarde asesinan a su propio Che, “lejos lloramos, cerca matamos”.
Esto es lo que pasa cuando los oportunistas y revisionistas están en el poder, que los verdaderos revolucionarios son asesinados y las ratas revisionistas se amparan en el “infantilismo de izquierda” que escribió Lenin, para justificar estos asesinatos.
Es hora de desenmascarar a las ratas revisionistas y oportunistas, que camuflados bajo la bandera roja se amparan para aplastar a los verdaderos revolucionarios y ejercen de colaboradores necesarios del genocidio planificado del Gobierno Modi.
Hoy son lágrimas para Fidel y balas para Ajitha, mañana serán lágrimas para Ajitha y balas para los revisionistas.  

Grecia: Protesta de solidaridad con los presos políticos y de condena de los asesinatos de revolucionarios, delante de la Embajada de la India

El sábado, 26 de noviembre de 2016, se produjo una manifestación frente a la Embajada de la India en Atenas. Los manifestantes condenaron el continuo encarcelamiento de revolucionarios indios Ajith y Kobad Gandhy así como otros presos políticos en la India. Fue una iniciativa del Comité de Solidaridad que fue apoyado por organizaciones de izquierda.
En esta reunión, los manifestantes gritaron consignas de solidaridad con los militantes indios y de condena de las acusaciones injustas y las duras condiciones de prisión. Condenaron las políticas bárbaras y sanguinarias del gobierno Modi . A través de sus lemas declararon que los verdaderos terroristas son los imperialistas y no los pueblos oprimidos ni los militantes que son un obstáculo para los planes imperialistas.


Athens, Greece

Protest of Solidarity with the political prisoners and condemnation of the murders of Revolutionaries, outside the Indian Embassy
On Saturday 26 November 2016 there was a protest outside the Indian Embassy in Athens. The protesters condemned the continuing imprisonment of Indian revolutionaries Ajith and Kobad Gandhy as well as other political prisoners in India. It was an initiative by the Solisarity Commitee which is supported by Left organizations.
In this gathering the protesters shouted slogans of solidarity to the Indian militants and of condemnation of the unjust accusations and the harsh conditions of imprisonment. They condemned the barbaric and murderous policies of the Modi government. Through their slogan they declared that the real terrorists are the imperialists and not the oppressed peoples and the militants who are an obstacle to the imperialist schemes.
The gathering and the resolution of the Solidarity Commitee condemned intensely the mass murders, tortures, rapes and extrajudicial executions that are an everyday occurrence in India in the context of Operation Green Hunt. We demanded a stop to this murderous operation that targets the communists and the poor peasantry who struggle for their land against the plunder of multinationals and mining corporations.
The protesters demanded to paste the resolution on the Indian Embassy entrance, but police forces denied them access to the Embassy. There was also presence of Indian security personel who videoscoped the protesters' faces. Of course we chased them away. We condemned the denial of our right to paste the resolution on the Embassy door as well as the attempt to terrorize us by mass presence of police forces.
We declare that state terrorism cannot silence all those that want to shout for peoples' rights! The Solidarity Commitee will continue acting in support of Indian revolutionaries and express in every instance its solidarity!

INDIA: Condenando energicamente el asesinato en un falso encuentro del camarada Kuppu Devraj y la camarada Ajitha. Declaración del Frente Democratico Revolucionario.

Condemn the Fake Encounter of Com. Kuppu Devaraj, Central Committee Member, CPI (M), Incharge WGSGZ and Com. Ajitha, State Committee Member in Nilambur Forest, Kerala

Demand re post mortem of the dead bodies of the deceased.
Demand judicial inquiry by a Supreme Court Sitting or Retired Judge
Homage to the Martyr Comrades.
Release Com. Soman and Adivasis if any in illegal police custody.
Release MN Ravuni (78), the veteran Revolutionary Mass Leader.
Appeal to the people and democratic organization and individuals to raise their voice in solidarity

Com. Kuppu Devraj (60) @ Yogesh, Central Committee Member and Incharge of CPI (Maoist) Western Ghats Special Guerilla Zone (WGSGZ), comprising the Tri junction of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamilnadu and Com. Ajitha (45) a State Committee Member of WGSGZ are killed in a fake encounter in the early morning hours of 23rd November, 2016 Thursday in Nilambur Forest of Mallapuram district, Kerala.
Earlier to that the Kerala police involved in ʹThunderbolt Operationʹ meant to physically eradicate the Adivasis and Maoists in the Western Ghats for the vested interests of Multi-national companies and comprador companies in the country, cordoned the forest area for eighteen hours and did not allow movement of the people including the media persons into the forest. The incharge police officer for the Thunderbolt Operation says that the police did not allow the media persons only to caution them that there will be land mines planted by the Maoists surrounding their camp.
The fact is that these two comrades who were suffering with ill health and unarmed taking shelter in the Adivasi habitation were caught and killed in cold blood and the dead bodies were brought and thrown there. Later, the people in surrounding areas told the media persons that they have not heard any fire exchange sounds in preceding night. Even the police did not claim any injury on any police personal engaged in encounter. Where as in government medical college hospital, Kozikode 19 bullets were found in Devarajʹs body and 7 in Ajithaʹs body.
There are unconfirmed contradictory reports that Com. Soman, local CPI Maiost leader from Vynad is injured and is in police custody which the police are denying and saying that 11 CPI Maoist Guerillas have escaped and combing operations are being conducted in full swing.
The dead bodies of Kuppu Devraj and Ajitha are shifted to Government Medical College hospital, Kozikode (Calicut) and police claim that the post mortem is conducted and bodies will be preserved in the mortuary till Monday, 28th November, 2016. That means no NHRC guide lines and the recent Supreme Court Judgment regarding the encounter killings is followed. The photos of the dead bodies were not published in two National newspapers, except that of Devraj along with the press release of police. The families are not informed. The dead bodies were not shown to the mother, brother and sister of Devraj and Unlce of Ajitha who reached to Kozikode on the 25th November. Instead the police lathi charged and arrested twenty members of human rights organization (Janakeeya Manushyavakasha Prasthanam) and Porattam and threatened the relatives of deceased to leave the place. As the protesters number increased police were forced to release the JMP activists but shifted Com. M.N. Ravunuri, Veteran revolutionary mass leader of Porattam and Vice President of Committee for Release of Political Prisoners (CRPP) to another police station.
Com. M.N. Ravunuri is 78 and one of the senior members of undivided Communist party of India in Madras Province in 1950s and a public votary of Naxalbari path.
Ammini, the old aged mother of Kuppu Devarajan, Babu his brother and sisters who are waiting for the last four days in precincts GMC Hospital, Kozikode are demanding for repostmortem and CRPP JMP advocates also are supporting the demand and filled a petiotion in sessions court of Kozikode which will be heard on 29th of November, Tuesday. The court ordered the preservation of dead bodies in mortuary of GMC Hospital, Kozikode till the petition is disposed.
The Kerala State Human Rights Commission asked the state police chief to probe the matter and submit a report within two weeks.
SHRC member K. Mohan Kumar said that the mystery surrounding the incident should be unraveled. The order came on the basis of a complaint by an activist P.K. Raju who stated that the police has not been able to furnish a credible explanation on the killings even two days after the encounter.
The Crime Branch of State probe is ordered by the State Police Chief cannot clear the doubts of fake encounter since it involves the ʹOperation Thunderboltʹ and anti-maoist program of three states, i.e. Kerala, Karnataka and Tamilnadu and the Central government, to serve the vested interest of mining and private industries of MNCʹs and big bourgeois. We demand a judicial enquiry by the sitting or retired judge of Supreme Court in to this fake encounter.
The Chief Minister office issued a note that the Chief Minister Pinaraya Vijayan has ordered a magisterial inquiry into the encounter and asked the sub collector to conduct the inquiry.
The Chief Minister has also referred the case registered in connection with the ʹencounter killingʹ to the Crime Branch for further probe. Mani, the minister for electricity in Kerala state govt. was suggesting that since Maoists are not communists as they indulge in mindless violence and extortion they deserve encounter killings and tried to guard himself, skipping that since magisterial inquiry is ordered he will not comment on ʹEncounterʹ.
It contrasts with the contemporary scenario in Chattisgarh where the State Secretary of CPI (M) is implicated in a murder case along with Professors Nandini Sunder and Archana Prasad from Delhi. There the allegation is Maoists killed an Adivasi ofcourse a police stooge. Here the CPI (M) Govt. is continuing the Thunderbolt, part of Greenhunt Operation, Mission 2016, the War on People, the erst while Congress and present Modiʹs Hinduthva government pogrom, with shoot at sight orders in Western Ghats. In dealing with Adivasis, Dalits and Muslims the policies of political parties in government are one and same is proved once again in Nilambur encounter.
In Western Ghats it is second major encounter after Com. Saketh Rajan in 2005 and may be second major encounter in Kerala after Com. Vergheese encounter in 1969.
Vijaya Kumar Ex CRPF Chief and security advisor on the Maoist movement to Govt. of India claimed in Chennai that it is great achievement to the state and big bolt to CPI Maoist. It seems his direction and Q branch of TN state role cannot be ruled out in this Thunderbolt operation. This will be the second direct involvement of Vijay Kumar after Kishanjiʹs encounter killing in Jangalmahal, Bengal.
This is perhaps the first major encounter in Kerala under CPI (M) government. Thatʹs why even the left front partner CPI is condemning it as fake encounter and demanding judicial enquiry.
The CPI State secretary Kanam Rajendran and state leaders are critical of police action and had made it clear that the CPI did not approve of Kerala being turned into a land where Maoists are hunted down.
The leader of opposition, home minister in Congress government Ramesh Chennithala came out against magisterial and Crime Branch enquiries terming them grossly inadequate to bring out the truth.
ʹThe Crime Branch inquiry would be particularly futile as the killing had been carried out by another wing of State Police. Only a fair inquiry would convince the people about the veracity or the police claims. Therefore, there must be an inquiry by a sitting or retired judge of the High Courtʹ Mr. Chennathala said.
Though this statement reflects the changing of colours and positions of parliamentary parties while in and out of power, it should go on record for as posterity of history demands.
Com. Kuppu Devraj is born in Krishnagiri of Tamilnadu but his revolutionary political activity is all through in Karnataka, till he took the responsibility of Western Ghats special guerilla zone. Devaraj is an engineering graduate with an intellectual of high caliber and is well versed in Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu and English.
He was a performing artist and cultural activist and served as an executive member of All India League for Revolutionary Culture (AILRC) in the later year of 1980s. After one term he has gone under ground and became the Secretary of CPI (ML) PW, Karnataka and rose to the Central Committee, CPI Maoist after the merger of MCCI in 2004. He is senior to Martyrs Com. Saketh Rajan and junior to Cherukuri Raja Kumar in Karnataka party during last four decades.
Com. Ajitha daughter of Parandhaman, who served in Indian Railways as an officer, since retired, and deceased, joined the Revolutionary mass movement in 1980s organized the women liberation movement and also fought for democratic rights as an advocate in Chennai. Later she went under ground and has become part of Western Ghats Maoist revolutionary struggle.
Inspite of her failing eye sight and deteriouling health Ajitha withstood the ordeal of an under ground life in the midst of Adivasis and Dalits. Kuppu Devaraj and Ajitha were born into Dalit families and imbibed Revolutionary class consciousness to serve the exploited toiling broad masses of this country.
RDF pays homage to tow comrades Kuppa Devaraj and Ajitha and demands for repost mortem of dead bodies and judicial inquiry into the encounter and punish the officials involved in this operation. RDF appeals to the Democratics and people to stand in solidarity.

Varavara Rao
Revolutionary Democratice Front (RDF)

29th November, 2016

martes, 29 de noviembre de 2016

Acciones internacionales del 24 de noviembre en solidaridad y lucha para la liberación incondicional de los presos políticos en la India

Actions for November 24th
On November 24th, the international day of solidarity and struggle for the unconditional release of the political prisoners in India, various actions were carried out around the world, which we document here.
In Austria several wall newspapers were hung up in commemoration of comrade Kishenji who was captured, brutally tortured and murdered on November 24th, 2011. The campaigns were carried out in Innsbruck, Salzburg, Linz and Vienna.

An article about Kishenji has also been published in the current issue of the Antifaschistischen Aktion-Infoblatt.
In Colombia, a demonstration was held in front of the Yankee-embassy on November 24th.
In Galicia posters were hung up in several places and wall paintings were made.

  In Chile, there was an action at the Indian Embassy and propaganda in universities and schools.
In Italy, in Taranto, Bergamo and Palermo wall newspapers and posters were hung up. In Milan there was an information event.
In Brazil, demonstrations were held in Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro.
The demonstration in Belo Horizonte was held on November 25th, the national day of mobilization and the struggle for work and guarantee of rights. On the demonstration a banner with the photo of the comrade Sandra Lima was held.
When a monument on the Central Square of the city was mounted by demonstrators, cops tried to arrest them, but remained unsuccessful.

  In Rio de Janeiro a demonstration by the Brazilian center of solidarity with the peoples (Centro Brasileiro de Solidariedade aos Povos - Cebraspo) was held on November 24th in front of the Yankee-consulate.

In France, rallies were held in Paris and Clermont-Ferrand, in Paris on the Place de la République. In addition, wall paintings and posters were placed at universities.

In Germany wall paintings and wall newspapers were hung in Berlin and Hamburg.
Berlin, S-Bahnstation Poelchaustraße, Marzahn:

Billstedt, Hamburg:

 English: http://www.demvolkedienen.org/index.php/en/weltweit/1122-actions-for-november-24th

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GALIZA: Más pintas de la campaña internacional, Libertad al camarada AJITH y todos los prisioneros políticos de la India

Los falsificadores de la historia (Nota soviética publicada en febrero de 1948)

Traducido y publicado por primera vez en la extinta Antorcha (Órgano teórico del PCE(r)) 

Nada más acabar la terrorífica II Guerra Mundial, los imperialistas siguieron acosando a la URSS y para ello desplegaron toda una batería de calumnias y manipulaciones equiparándola al III Reich. A fin de desenmascarar las mentiras, la diplomacia soviética emitió en 1948 esta nota.

A finales de febrero de 1948, el Departamento de Estado de los Estados Unidos, en colaboración con los Ministerios de Asuntos Exteriores de Inglaterra y Francia, publicó una recopilación de informes y de diferentes extractos de las notas de los funcionarios hitlerianos y dio a esta recopilación el titulo de Relaciones soviético-nazis durante los años 1939-1941.
Tal y como se destaca en el Prefacio de esta recopilación, en el verano de 1946, los gobiernos de Estados Unidos, Gran Bretaña y Francia se pusieron de acuerdo para publicar los documentos de los archivos del ....

domingo, 27 de noviembre de 2016

Amplio eco de la jornada internacional del 24 de noviembre en defensa de los presos políticos en la India.

Desde el Frente de Estudiantes Revolucionario y Popular adherimos a la campaña internacional de apoyo a la Guerra Popular en la India, por la libertad de los compañeros Ajith, Kobad Gandhy y todos los más de mil presos políticos de la India, en el día del quinto aniversario del cobarde asesinato del compañero Kishenji.
En este país ("la democracia más grande del mundo") el pueblo se ha alzado en armas contra el imperialismo, la semifeudalidad, el viejo Estado y su régimen fascista de Modi. Los campesinos conquistan su tierra, el proletariado dirige la revolución a través de un verdadero Partido Comunista Maoísta con bases de apoyo en más de un tercio del territorio. Las mujeres libran una heroica batalla como guerrilleras, barriendo con miles de años de opresión patriarcal.
Es por esto que este 24 de noviembre, acudiendo al llamado internacionalista del Comité Internacional de Apoyo a la Guerra Popular en la India, un destacamento de jóvenes populares y estudiantes revolucionarios del FERP realizaron una acción en la embajada de la India, además de otras acciones de propaganda, que junto con las hechas en todo el mundo, repercuten y apoyan el proceso de barrimiento del viejo Estado de la India que llevan a cabo los revolucionarios de ese país.
Llamamos a apoyar la revolución en la India y a seguir su camino, luchando también por la libertad de los presos políticos Mapuche y chilenos, y luchando por la Revolución de Nueva Democracia en nuestro país, siguiendo así el camino revolucionario que hoy, con Guerra Popular llevan adelante los pueblos del Perú, la India, Turquía y Filipinas
Frente de Estudiantes Revolucionario y Popular
Communiqué du CRI Rouge (Collectif Rouge Internationaliste pour la défense des prisonniers politiques révolutionnaires) :
Le 24 octobre 2016, 30 révolutionnaires d’Inde ont été lâchement et sauvagement assassinés puis odieusement mutilés par la police spéciale aux ordres de l’Etat fasciste et réactionnaire Indien. Ce dernier est aujourd’hui prêt à tout pour mater par la terreur et la barbarie la révolution juste et légitime du peuple d’Inde.
Ce massacre du 24 octobre s’ajoute à la longue liste des exactions ordonnées depuis plusieurs années par cet Etat terroriste qui n’a pas hésité à déclencher depuis 2009 l’opération Green Hunt – véritable guerre ouverte contre la population et les révolutionnaires qu’elle soutient et qui aujourd’hui a conduit à la mort plusieurs milliers de personnes dans le plus total silence des médias, des organisations internationales et avec la complicité des Etats impérialistes, plus préoccupés par leurs intérêts marchands que par le respect des droits humains les plus élémentaires.
Qui sont alors les véritables terroristes ? Le Parti Communiste d’Inde maoïste déclaré organisation terroriste par cet état fasciste alors qu’aucun membre de ce parti révolutionnaire n’a jamais été jugé pour acte terroriste par ses mêmes accusateurs ?  Est-ce ceux qui luttent pour l’émancipation et la justice économique et sociale ou cet état qui massacre et assassine impunément ? Qui sont les véritables terroristes ? Le Parti Communiste Indien maoïste qui lutte aux côtés et pour le peuple ou ses bourreaux qui au quotidien oppriment, pratiquent des arrestations arbitraires, des éliminations ciblées et massives,  des mutilations sur les dépouilles abattues de sang froid, et qui provoquent un génocide contre tout un peuple, sans aucun respect des droits les plus élémentaires ni des accords internationaux pourtant ratifiés par ce même Etat?
Aujourd’hui, le CRI Rouge (collectif rouge internationaliste pour la défense des prisonniers révolutionnaires) condamne avec fermeté l’ensemble de ces massacres et ces assassinats barbares, et exige l’arrêt immédiat de l’opération Green Hunt. Le CRI Rouge se mobilise aussi pour exiger la libération immédiate et sans condition pour tous les prisonniers politiques et de guerre, notamment en Inde. Le CRI Rouge appelle enfin tous les révolutionnaires, tous les militants anti-impérialistes, toutes les forces progressistes et démocrates à soutenir la lutte du peuple d’Inde et à faire connaître non seulement cette barbarie avec laquelle on le traite mais aussi  sa résistance héroïque pour l’émancipation et la justice sociale, alors que cette situation est totalement et partout passée sous silence.
Gloire aux martyrs de la révolution en Inde !
Vive la lutte juste et légitime du peuple d’Inde !
Arrêt immédiat de l’opération Green Hunt !
A bas l’Etat fasciste réactionnaire d’Inde et la domination impérialiste !
Vive la solidarité entre les peuples !

Edith Lagos destacada militante del PCP


Hoy 27 de noviembre, en el aniversario de su nacimiento, recordamos a una reconocida militante del Partido Comunista del Perú, ejemplo a seguir por su indoblegable lucha consecuente hasta el último aliento.

Ayer como hoy estas al lado del pueblo, militas ahí en el corazón de las nuevas generaciones que han de continuar aquella lucha de la que saldremos victoriosos ineluctablemente.


Esta imagen desmiente claramente los argumentos de que el Partido Comunista del Perú (Sendero Luminoso) es un grupo sectario, que actuaba al margen de la población. Desmiente la teoria de pueblo entre dos fuegos.

Esta imagen es del entierro de Edith Lagos, donde segun estimaciones periodisticas de la epoca dicen que asistieron cerca de 30 mil personas a su entierro.

En la imagen pueden ver el feretro abrigada por una bandera roja con el logotipo de la hoz y el martillo.

Toda la poblacion de Ayacucho bajo para darle el ultimo adios a una querida combatiente del partido comunista del Perú.

Poema de Edith Lagos:

Hierba Silvestre

De lo alto de la montaña
al lado de una inerte piedra
al aroma de las hierbas silvestres
le pregunto:
¿Cuánto falta para que el río
aumente su caudal?
Para que tormentosamente arrase
este cruel presente.

pregunto yo a los remolinos:
¿Por qué te diriges al sur?
¿Qué quieres arrasar?
La inequidad del pasado
posada allí.

Pero la inercia quedó atrás
encendidos están tus sentimientos.
Hierba silvestre, aroma puro
te ruego acompañarme en mi camino
serás mi bálsamo en mi tragedia
serás mi aliento en mi gloria.
Serás mi amiga
cuando crezcas
sobre mi tumba.
Allí: que la montaña me cobije
que el río me conteste
la pampa arda,
el remolino vuelva, el camino descanse
¿y la piedra?

La piedra lápida eterna será en ella
¡todo quedará!...